Darwin Goes to Ocean Sciences 2018

Look out for the Darwin team, sharing their work at this year’s Ocean Sciences conference taking place February 11-16 in Portland, Oregon.

Benedetto Barone, Michael J Follows, Joshua S Weitz, and David M Karl, The Impact of Sea Surface Height Variability on Biogeochemical Dynamics at Station ALOHA (abstract ID: EP24D-0819)

Kay D Bidle, Jozef Iosif Nissimov, David Talmy, Liti Haramaty, Helen F Fredricks, Udi Zelzion, A. Murat Eren, Rebecca Gardella, Christien Laber, Kuldeep Moore, Marco Coolen, Debashish Bhattacharya, Benjamin AS Van Mooy, and Michael J Follows, The Competitive Ecology of Coccolithoviruses (abstract ID: MM23A-08)

B.B. Cael and Michael J. Follows, A Metabolic Model of Biogeochemistry (abstract ID: MM11A-03)

Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Francois Ribalet, and E. Virginia Armbrust, Using observations, models, and theory to understand the large scale patterns and biogeochemical consequences of Prochlorococcus growth rates (abstract ID: MM11A-01)

Charlie Gaborit, Andrew David Barton, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Oliver Jahn, and Sergio M Vallina, Timescales of competitive exclusion in marine phytoplankton (abstract ID: OM44B-2127)

Keisuke Inomura, Curtis A Deutsch, Oliver Jahn, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, and Michael J Follows, Modeling the impact of climate change on the elemental composition of phytoplankton and their impact on ocean carbon storage (abstract ID: OM44B-2128)

Angela M Kuhn, Stephanie Dutkiewicz,Oliver Jahn, Sophie Clayton, Tatiana A Rynearson, and Andrew David Barton, Assessing the Role of Local and Non-Local Controls of Plankton Diversity (abstract: EP24A-0759)

Jonathan M Lauderdale, Holger Brix, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Richard G Williams, and Michael J Follows, Quantifying the Drivers of Contemporary Air-Sea Carbon Dioxide Fluxes (abstract ID: OC24B-0453)

Marina Levy, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, and Oliver Jahn, Does Submesoscale Patchiness Enhances Ecosystem Diversity? (abstract ID: EP34C-0863)

Anne Willem Omta, David Talmy, Keisuke Inomura, Andrew J Irwin, Zoe Finkel, Daniel Sher, and Mick Follows, Turnover of C, N, and P in the chlorophyte Selenastrum minutum: Different elements, different rates (abstract ID: OM41A-06)

Aboozar Tabatabai, Joseph John Vallino, and Michael J Follows, Application of maximum entropy production principle in the assessment biogeochemical models (abstract ID: MM24A-1462)

David Talmy, Emily Zakem, and Michael J Follows, What controls virus-microbe ratios in the global ocean? (abstract ID: MM31A-08)

Kimberlee Thamatrakoln, David Talmy, Liti Haramaty, Christopher Maniscalco, Jason Latham, Ben Knowles, Frank Natale, Marco Coolen, Michael J Follows, and Kay D Bidle,  Light Regulation of Coccolithophore Host-Virus Interactions (Abstract ID: MM23A-07)

Emily Zakem, Alia Al-Haj, Matthew J Church, Gert van Dijken, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Sarah Foster, Robinson W Fulweiler, Matthew M Mills, and Mick Follows, Ecological control of nitrite in the upper ocean (abstract ID: BN33B-05)