Darwin Goes to Ocean Sciences 2016

Look out for the Darwin team, sharing their work at this year’s Ocean Sciences conference taking place February 21-26 in New Orleans, Louisianna.

Mohammad Dehgani Ashkezari, Benedetto Barone, Michael Follows, Christopher Hill, Sam Wilson, and David Karl - Quasi Real Time Cruise Deployment Guidance to Coherent Regions Using Lagrangian Methods (abstract ID: PO43D-08)

Brendan Barry and Mick Follows - An Absurdly Simple Model for Oceanic Export Efficiency’s Temperature Dependence (abstract ID: B24A-0310)

Casey et al. - A Prochlorococcus proving ground for constraint-based metabolic modeling and multi-‘omics data integration [Jahn, Follows] (abstract ID: MM43A-03)

Stephanie Dutkiewicz, nna Hickman, Oliver Jahn, and Erwan Monier - Optical Signatures of Climate Change Impacts on Phytoplankton (abstract ID: ME51A-08)

Finkel et al. - Phylogenetic differences in the macromolecular composition of microalgae [Follows] (abstract ID: B52A-04)

Christopher Follett, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, and Mick Follows - Do Seasonal Nutrient Fluctuations Induce Blooms of Diatom-Diazotroph Associations in the Oligotrophic Pacific Ocean? (abstract ID: ME44B-0861)

Keisuke Inomura and Mick Follows - A simple metabolic model of phytoplankton physiology: quantifying energetic trade-offs for diatoms (abstract ID: IS33A-07)

Jones et al. - Trait-based Modeling of Larval Dispersal in the Gulf of Maine [Follows, Hill] (abstract ID:  EC54C-1337)

Jonathen Lauderdale, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Richard Williams, Micheal Follows –  What Drives Regional Variation in Global Ocean-Atmosphere CO2 Fluxes? (abstract ID: PC44B-2196)

Liefer et al. - Variability in Phytoplankton Morphology and Macromolecular Composition With Nutrient Starvation and The Implications for Oceanic Elemental Stoichiometry [Follows] (abstract ID: B54A-0403)

Mignot et al. OD21A-05: The annual cycle of the North Atlantic phytoplankton [Dutkiewicz]

Deepa Rao and Mick Follows - The Paradox of the Prochlorococcus: A Trait-Based Approach to Modeling Ecotype Niche Differentiation Via Light and Nutrient Resource Competition (abstract ID: IS34A-2330)

David Talmy, Adam Martiny, Christopher Hill, Anna Hickman, and Mick Follows - Zooplankton regulation of surface ocean POC:PON ratios (abstract ID: B31A-05)

Darcy Taniguchi, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Michael Follows, Oliver Jahn, and Susanne Mendan-Deuer - Resolving Microzooplankton Functional Groups In A Size-Structured Planktonic Model (abstract ID: ME53B-05)

Vallina et al. - Phytoplankton functional diversity increases ecosystem productivity and stability [Dutkiewicz] (abstract ID: ME53B-07)

Emily Zakem and Mick Follows - A Theoretical Basis for the Transition to Denitrification at Nanomolar Oxygen Concentrations (abstract ID: B31B-02)

Zehr et al. - Dimensions of biodiversity of oceanic nitrogen cycling: nutrient co-limitation, nitrogen substrate preferences and more. [Zakem, Follows] (abstract ID: B34B-0354)