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New Postdoc Jonathan Lauderdale

Jonathan Lauderdale is a physical oceanographer and ocean biogeochemical modeller “intrigued” by the mechanisms through which the ocean can alter Earth’s climate and atmospheric CO2 concentration both in the past and under future anthropogenic changes. So far his focus has been on high latitude regions, particularly the Southern Ocean. He mostly uses global coarse resolution numerical models of ocean circulation coupled to simplified biogeochemistry routines, but also exploits composite tracers to reveal how different components of carbon and nutrient cycles operate.

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Lauderdale, J.M., A.C.N. Garabato, K.I.C. Oliver, M.J. Follows and R.G. Williams(2013), Wind-driven changes in Southern Ocean residual circulation, ocean carbon reservoirs and atmospheric CO2, Climate Dynamics, vol. 41, pp. 2145, doi: 10.1007%2Fs00382-012-1650-3