Darwin Welcomes Visiting Student Simona Meiler

Reporting by Helen Hill for the MIT Darwin Project

A warm welcome to ETHZ graduate student Simona Meiler who will be visiting our group through Spring 2020. Simona is interested in a broad range of topics at the interface between ocean dynamics, marine biogeochemistry and climate.

She holds a BSc in Environmental Science, with a major in Biogeochemistry, from ETH Zurich where she has remained for her Masters (in Environmental Science, majoring in Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics), writing her thesis in the Environmental Physics Group chaired by Nicholas Gruber.

In her spare time, Simona enjoys sports. She says, in the past, she’s spent a considerable amount of time snowboarding and still likes to hit the slopes whenever she can, but also enjoys mountain biking, running, and CrossFit. She is also a self-identified coffee lover, who enjoys cooking and eating good food, traveling, and languages (image courtesy: S. Meiler)

You can read more about Simona at her website