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When Phytoplankton Go Hungry

by Helen Hill for MIT CBIOMES

The Redfield ratio, the atomic ratio of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus (C:N:P) in phytoplankton and deep ocean waters, has often been treated as a constant 106:16:1. A new paper involving several CBIOMES co-authors, among them two from the MIT Darwin Group, presents compelling evidence for what causes this ratio to change within phytoplankton. Continue reading

Climate Change will Change the Color of the Ocean Research Says

Climate Change will Change the Color of the Ocean Researcher says

MIT Darwin Project researcher, Principal Research Scientist Stephanie Dutkiewicz, talks to WGBH’s Living Lab Radio about her recent Ocean colour signature of climate change paper in Nature Communications.

Dutkiewicz, S., A.E. Hickman, O. Jahn, E. Moneir, S. Henson, and C. Beaulieu (2019), Ocean colour signature of climate changeNature Communications, doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-08457-x