2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Darwin researchers Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Jonathen Lauderdale, David Talmy, and Darcy Taniguchi are off to Granada, Spain this month to attend the  the Association of the Sciences of Limnology, and Oceanography (ASLO) 2015 annual meeting taking place from 22-27 February.

Stephanie Dutkiewicz will present her work (co-authors Oliver Jahn, Ben Ward, Jeffrey Scott, and Mick Follows) studying the Diversity of Phytoplankton Function and Cell Size in the Current and Future Ocean (abstract 26408, Session #116 “Impact of Microbial Biodiversity on Aquatic Ecosystem Functioning and Biogeochemistry”.)

Jonathen Lauderdale will present his work (co-authors Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Jeffrey Scott, Rick Williams, University of Liverpool, UK, and Mick Follows) entitled Oceanic Controls of Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes (abstract 27143, Session #090 “Aquatic Gas Fluxes: Measurements, Drivers, and Implications for Ecosystem Processes”.)

David Talmy will present his work (co-author Mick Follows) studying The Influence of Viral Reproduction Strategies on Marine Microbial Community Dynamics (abstract  27495, Session #105 “Viruses and Viral Mediated Processes in Aquatic Systems”.)

Darcy Taniguchi will present her work (co-authors Mick Follows and Susanne Menden-Deuer, University of Rhode Island) Simulated Trade-offs in Predator-Prey Dynamics of Phyto- and Microzooplankton (abstract 26471, Session#024 “Small Bugs with a Big Impact: Linking Plankton Ecology with Ecosystem Processes”.)